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Not sure what it is, but the DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATE updates weren't major of late, as it seems that more of the studios' focus is going to their big-screen summer theatricals. Either way, we do get to see some early 2007 release DVD covers for films such as BLACK SNAKE MOAN, DEAD SILENCE, PRIDE and SLOW BURN. And yes, for those scoring at home, that is Wesley Snipes you see attempting to replace Steven Segal as the straight-to-DVD "action" king (wasn't this guy Blade?!?) in something called THE CONTRACTOR (about a man who builds houses?). Nice!

We are finally getting a sweet DARKMAN trilogy set though, as well as a special anniversary edish of THE MONSTER SQUAD and my favorite drug and yours, WEEDS (SEASON 2). But a DVD update isn't the same without one celebrity potshot (oh darn, we already took one at Snipes, didn't we?) as we note the trajectories of two people who were engaged but a few short years ago. And while Katie Holmes has become a spectacle onto herself and her beau as part of the entity called "Tomkat", actor Chris Klein has been filming something called THE LONG WEEKEND, a straight-to-DVD whose cover is about as big a rip-off of AMERICAN PIE as I've seen in some time, and on which the aforementioned Mr. Klein is reaching for a hot day player's ass. Was it ROLLERBALL, dude...was that it?

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