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Pecker is the Crow?


It appears that there will be another CROW film after all, and it will be henceforth be known as, THE CROW : WICKED PRAYER. After casting rumors surrounding Edward Furlong were reported and then denied about a month ago, Dimension Films announced today that it has indeed tapped Furlong, along with David Boreanaz, Tara Reid and Dennis Hopper, to star in the fourth installment of the "everyone returns from the dead looking alike" franchise. In addition to the main casting news, it was also announced that Emmanuella Chirqui , Marcus Chong, Tito Ortiz and permanently typecast supporting actor Danny Trejo will round out the cast.

This time around, THE CROW will have a distinctly southwestern flavor, as WICKED PRAYER follows anti-hero ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (good lord...), played by Furlong, as he returns from the dead to avenge the death of his girlfriend Lily (Chirqui) at the hands of satanic gang leader Luc Crash (groan...), played by Boreanaz, who used the murders of Jimmy and Lily as a ritual to become an immortal demon. Somewhere in his busy schedule of ritual killings and general nastiness, Crash manages to marry his evil love interest, played by Reid. Hopper plays El Nino (What the!?!) the guy that unites the happy couple in wedded bliss. The film will be directed by Lance Mungia (SIX-STRING SAMURAI) and production is scheduled to begin in June.

You'll have to forgive me if I seem a little apprehensive about this news. The original graphic novel is hands down, my favorite comic book period, and the fact is, they haven't been able to do anything but piss on it since the first film. So even though the cast that they've put together includes a few "names", it still feels like the same thing rehashed again, and there's nothing here that instills a whole lot of confidence that this time will be any better than CITY OF ANGELS or SALVATION.

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