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All together now: boooooooooooo!!! In the old days, studios used to, at least, pretend that they gave a shit about movie fans by initially tossing a bare-bones DVD into the marketplace, and then coming out with a \"special edition\" of that very same DVD a few months later. That would seemingly give us the option of buying one or the other. But check this out. Universal released a \"Collector\'s Edition\" of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS back in January of 2002 and now that the sequel is about the hit theaters on June 6, they\'re actually releasing a new version of the disc (called the \"Tricked Out\" edition....yawn) with...and get this, LESS EXTRAS on it than the first release. Huh!?!? Don\'t ask me to explain because I really can\'t, but basically this is movie marketing at its absolute worst!!!

Seeing as 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS will be coming out around that same time, and the studio wants to entice you and your hard earned dollars to flow into their money-bags, they will be including a FREE MOVIE TICKET (sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors) to see 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS during its initial two weeks in theaters, valid for one admission up to $10 from June 6 through June 22. Bugh. Is that what it\'s come down to now? Milking movie fans to buy product so that they can go see another one of your products? How about offering some f*ckin\' extras in the package? How about actually listening to fans and seeing what they might want to see on a \"special edition\" dvd and giving them something cool and unseen?? No, says the studio.

They would rather release this thing called a \"Tricked Out\" version, which might as well be called THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: A MARKETING PLOY DVD TO GET YOU TO SEE THE SEQUEL which includes such bogus \"extras\" as a \"turbo-charged prelude for 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS\", a \"Sneak Peek at 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS\" and of course, the very popular...\"Theatrical Trailer to 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS\". Remember the deleted scenes that were on the original dvd? Gone here! Remember the \"making of\" from the original? Gone as well! If you buy this new \"Tricked Out\" edition of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, you will be telling the studios that THIS is what you want them to continue doing.

But if you\'re like me and actually give two shits about movies and getting your money\'s worth from the billion-dollar studios, raise your middle-finger at this horrible trend and make sure to tell your friends about it as well. In fact, run on over to your balcony, stick your head out of the window and shout \"I\'m as mad as hell, and I\'m not going to take this anymore!\" Yeah, yeah...that\'s the ticket. The only thing that\'s being \"Tricked\" on this special edition would be you...(that was an easy one, but it\'s their friggin\' title, so I\'m taking it).

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