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Before I get to our weekly DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATE update, let me get this question out of the way: there was a new FIGHT CLUB DVD being released today and nobody knew about it?? (see cover below) How bad was the marketing on this thing or am I missing something? If you know anything about this "Collector's Edition Steelbook", please strike back below or drop me a line so that we can inform...well, everyone and their cousin who adores that movie! As for the rest of the update (which was a big one this week), a ton of early year faves are coming out with their releases including 2 versions of 300, David Fincher's ZODIAC, an unrated version of THE NUMBER 23 and Special Edition of THE HOST.

And just when you think there are no more TV shows to release on DVD, out comes BENSON (Season 1). For those who really want to feel their age, check out the 20-year anniversary edition of ROBOCOP (it's been f*ckin' 20 years already!) and for anyone who hates studios re-packaging shit to make more money, please, for the love of God, avoid the CARLITO'S WAY COLLECTION, which basically just slaps the original awesome movie with the piece of crap money-grab sequel that nobody should ever support. We also get an umpteenth version of SHOWGIRLS, a 2-disc edition of HARD BOILED and similarly, a 2-disc edition of David Lynch's latest, INLAND EMPIRE. Finally, a documentary about a man who likes to plow horses. No joke. Don't complain to me, man...I just report this stuff.

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