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It's days like this, and news like this, that really makes me love this job so much. Or not necessarily so much this job but movies in general. Not everyone is a fan of M. Night Shyamalan's work but I personally love him. SIGNS divided audiences but I thought it was one of the best of 2002. After THE SIXTH SENSE, I couldn't wait for UNBREAKABLE. After UNBREAKABLE, I couldn't wait for SIGNS. And now after SIGNS, I can't wait for his next film. And today is the day I can start waiting as Shyamalan's next film is announced. The writer/director signed a two picture deal with Disney that will begin this October as filming begins on THE WOODS, starring Kirsten Dunst, Joaquin Phoenix and...Ashton Kutcher?

No that's not a type-o. I did actually say Ashton Kutcher would be starring in a M. Night Shyamalan movie. Even Variety commented on how surprising that news was but Shyamalan defended his star saying, "I had a gut feeling about using him in a serious role, much the way I did with Donnie Wahlberg in THE SIXTH SENSE." With Dunst and Phoenix, Shyamalan says he wrote both of those parts with the actor specifically in mind.

WOODS, which Shyamalan says will be "more romantic" than his previous thrillers, is a period piece set in 1897 that will follow a community threatened by a mythical race of creatures who reside in - natch - the woods. Shyamalan turned in the script on Mother's Day and Disney execs liked it so much, they greenlit the film minutes after the first reading. Dunst is expected to be the film's lead and it's unclear how large of a role Kutcher's will be.

The second film in Shyamalan's deal with Disney has been determined but neither side is talking. A script hasn't been completed by a story outline has been sketched. While Shyamalan has his deal at Disney, it does not preclude him from taking another gig at another studio in the meanwhile. The writer/director said it was possible that he could do a movie between WOODS and his 2nd Disney film if another studio offered him "an irresistible book adaptation." Could he perhaps be waiting for a particular offer to land on his desk? Keep your eyes peeled to JoBlo in the future for more on this, and any other developing projects.

Source: Variety
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