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Exorcist poster


*** UPDATED ***

Liam over at Empire Movies was kind enough to inform us that this is indeed an old poster (of sorts) from a couple of months back that The Exocist fansite CaptainHowdy.com had as an exclusive. It is actually an ad commemorating the completion of principal photography on the film. The pic below has been updated, click to see it enlarged.

Have you seen this? I haven't seen this! JoBlo doesn't recall seeing it before either. But those raging ruskies over at themes.ru have had people tell them that this teaser poster that they just received for EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING (man, colons are all the rage for film titles nowadays) is old. Anyway, regardless of whether it's new or old, it's worth another look 'cause it's pretty cool looking. The release date for this flick has been moved (back and forth between July of this year and February of next) more times than Bennifer have bought new houses since hooking up (that's a lot, btw), and has now lapsed back to February 6, 2004. Click the image below to see a larger version, and just in case you missed the Arrow's report from the set of the film (in Rome, lucky Bastich), it's never too late to check it out in all it's Black, Red and Yellow glory (you'll see what I mean).

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