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I dig DVDs as much as the next guy, but this whole \"Special Edition\" bullshit has to come to a stop sometime. It\'s bad enough that we\'ve got a trillion versions of the EVIL DEAD series out in the market, but do the big-time studios also have to milk the fans of their movies with a \"barebones\" version of their films right off the top, only to follow them all up with a SUPER-DUPER DIRECTOR\'S SPECIAL DELUXE ANNIVERSARY DRUNKEN ORGY VERSION a few months later? Bah!

Having said that, the Arrow was hip enough to watch these two 3-disc \"war\" dvds back-to-back on Sunday, only one day after surviving a little \"get-together\" at his place which included beers, pizzas, a little something we call EQUILIBRIUM and another little something we call ZOOLANDER (PS: I know you all don\'t give a rat\'s ass about our weekends, but I\'m gonna tell you anyway!). The discs actually kick a number of asses according to our man, but to hear it directly from him, along with an astounding review of all their respective extras, click on the box covers below. Oh yeah, WINDTALKERS was released last week, while BLACK HAWK DOWN sees the insides of stores on June 3.

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