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A couple of new Anime films will soon be vying for our ADD riddled, MTV generation butts. One is by the highly acclaimed director of what is arguably the greatest Anime film of all time, AKIRA and the other is by a relative newcomer. (special thanks to Dark Horizons for the leads)


The film by AKIRA director Katsuhiro Ôtomo, Is set against the backdrop of Industrial Revolution England and follows a father and son team of scientists pitted against an evil organization, who receive a strange and powerful device that may aid in their quest or cause irreconcilable damage. This film is reportedly one of the most expensive Anime films of all time, costing 2.4 billion Yen. Cyber Adventure Tsuka has gotten a couple of exclusive teaser trailers from the film and all I can say is... Wow! Click the image below to watch them.


If Wow was my response to STEAMBOY, then the sound of my jaw hitting the floor is my response to this trailer. Directed by relative newcomer Moon S. Kim, the story takes place in the future, after the human civilization ended by war and pollution, only those few people who had the power and technology escaped the disaster. Those people built the last human city of Ecoban. As its energy source is the pollutant, the people of Ecoban plan to destroy the inhabitants of Marr to get more pollutant. Standing against Ecoban is a young man who wants only to clear the skies of the clouds to show the wonderful heavens to the girl he loves. This is one of the most beautiful trailers I have ever seen. The music is mesmerizing and the visuals just seem to lock you in. The blend of traditional and digital animation is as seamless as I have witness to. Click the image below to watch the trailer at the well populated official website (but be forewarned, it is very slow, but worth the wait).

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