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As we uploaded the latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES onto our website, I noticed a few things about some of the "big" summer franchise releases and their DVD covers. In one word: yawn! For f*ck's sakes, can anyone tell the covers of the new HARRY POTTER and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies apart from their previous incarnations? Granted, I'm not a major Potter fan or anything, but straight up, man...don't they all pretty much look the same?? (I realize that's part of their "raison-d'etre", so that moms and pops will just pick 'em up as they walk through the aisles).

Then again, my mom always used to tell me that all my "heavy metal music" sounded the same to her, so maybe this is just me turning into an "old coot". And speaking of crappy music, one of my favorite bands from the 80s, Motley Crue, is releasing a DVD of their greatest videos or some shit. Hopefully it includes some of their groupie sessions as well. I'd cut one of my pinky toes off for that stuff. 

Not sure if that's the final SIMPSONS MOVIE DVD cover, but if so, that's some fun times. Also, I might have a crush on Keri Russell, hence my appreciation of the WAITRESS cover, and the POLTERGEIST covers always were cool, and the most recent Special Edition is no different. By the way, did SKINWALKERS actually come out in theaters? I don't even remember that stuff. I gotta cut back on the ganja, apparently. And do we really need an umpteenth version of THE PRINCESS BRIDE? Sheesh. PS: I dig the OCEAN'S SET cover.

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