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Note: The following is a brand-new feature that will begin running regularly at our new sister site The DVD Clinic.

Ever wanted a place where you could write in questions and someone claiming to be a doctor could respond to you with the answers youíve been looking for? Well, forget the sleazy chat rooms for a little while and welcome to the DVD clinicís ďAsk the DVD DoctorĒ feature. So just send in your emails to [email protected] and the doc will answer all of your questions relating to DVDís and that burning sensation you get when you pee.

Ok, maybe not all of your questions, but hit us up with anything relating to home theaters, Blu-Rays, HD-DVDís and of course, the trusty oleí DVD. Weíll run it as a regular feature and your emails will be posted along with our answers. If you send in an email we donít know the answer to, then weíll delete it and deny ever having received it. Just kidding, weíll try to answer all of your questions. By the way, if you have a question regarding a particular release date; please check our DVD Release date page first.

On to the first questions:

Whatís the difference between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD? Ė JoBlo

Thatís a good question, sir. Remember back in the 90ís when the Bloods and the Crypts hated each other (do they still hate each other?) and fought all the time? Well, thatís exactly what itís like for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, complete with Blu-Ray choosing blue as their color of choice and HD-DVD choosing red. Ok, maybe itís not exactly like that, but in the movie-geek world, itís close.

Iím not going to bore everyone with technical details. Iím going to interpret the question as what are the differences that the normal consumer will care about.

If you had the same movie playing on each player, connected to the same TV, most people couldnít see a difference. However, if you want a Universal, Dreamworks or Paramount film, you have to buy them on HD-DVD. If you want a Sony, Disney or New Line film, you have to buy it on Blu-Ray. Most of the other studios are format neutral or not supporting either.

Obviously, Snoop would be a Blu-Ray supporter since heís representing.

HD-DVDís have about 15GB on a single layer disc and 30GB on a dual layer disc. Blu-Rays on the other hand have about 25GB and 50GB respectively. How thatís going to affect the actual features or movies remains to be seen. To date, we really havenít seen a Blu-Ray movie that has truly taken advantage of all the special features. If anything, the HD-DVDís have done a better job with the disc utilization despite having smaller disc capacity.

The Blu-Rayís can offer a little more as far as copy protection and there are some other, minor differences, but thatís pretty much it. If youíre itching to get on the HD bandwagon, you have to draw the line in the sand and pick a side. Are you East coast or West coast? Thereís a war out there people, and itís not all fun and games.

Ok, it is fun and games

How come ďThe Love BoatĒ ainít on DVD yet, man??? Ė JoBlo

That is so funny you should ask that, I was recently researching the answer for my Grandmaís nursing home.

Anyway, in 2005, Paramount announced that ďThe Love BoatĒ was going to be released on DVD the following year. By my calculations, they didnít make it. However, "Love Boat" fans should not fret because in the fall TV preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, they mention the show is on Paramount's Spring 2008 release slate. Now if only we can get "The Love Boat: The Next Wave" on DVD...or not.

Now these were two wild and crazy guys.

I donít condone this by any means, but if you have a region-free DVD player, you might be able to pick up the series set from a foreign retailer.

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