Two Towers DVD goodies

I just finished watching a repeat of the MTV Movie Awards, where THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS won a bunch of popcorn trophies including one for Gollum in the Best Virtual Performance category. The acceptance speech started off with Andy Serkis thanking a few people until a very ungrateful Gollum barged in and went on a long, profanity laced rant that included a line to the effect of; \"We\'s f*cking hate MTV... Bastards!\" I laughed so hard I gave myself a nasal version of one of those coffee enemas Janet Jackson used to rave about! It was definitely a highlight of the show and it reminded me of just how good the film itself was, and how I still had to wait until August, when the DVD is released, to see it again. Well, helping to make the wait a little easier to bare, Lights Out Entertainment has gotten a butt-load of high quality screenshots from the DVD as well as some Quicktime footage of the animated menus. Click here to see the QT menu footage and click on any of the images below to visit the gallery of great stills.

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