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MOVIE POLL: What's your take on "Cloverfield", a film that's opening next Friday?


What's your take on "Cloverfield", a film that's opening next Friday?

I can't f*ckin' wait, dude...great marketing, looks like it's gonna rock!!
I'm not losing my mind over it, but I will definitely check it out when it comes out in theaters.
I was VERY interested at first, but not much new info was given since then, so I kinda tuned out, although I might still see it, depending on the reviews, etc...
I was really into this movie at first, but the studio/JJ Abrams just dicked us around too much, with so LITTLE REAL INFO about the movie, that I just got sick and tired of waiting. I might check it out on DVD though.
This film never interested me in the first place and even less now. F*ck Cloverfield and the "viral" marketing campaign it rode in on.
I'm still undecided.
Still not sure how I feel about the film, but one thing is for sure: more studios should utilize such fun marketing techniques in the future!!
What the f*ck is "Cloverfield"? Never heard of it.

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