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Oh, yeaaaaaah. It's kid in a candy store time for this little film monger! Man, I love it when something completely new just kind of pops up out of nowhere and grabs... no, demands your attention! Especially when it's animated! Well, that was definitely the case when I got an email yesterday showcasing a couple of upcoming films from a new Spanish animation studio, Filmax Animation. They currently have three films in various stages of development that are scheduled for release over the next few years, EL CID THE LEGEND this year, NOCTURNA next, and a 3D re-envisioning of a classic, PINNOCHIO 3000 in 2005. Below you can find some info on the first two films, including their trailers, starting with the cream of the crop, NOCTURNA.

What would you get if Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki and Neil Gaiman had some kind of weird three-way love child? Probably something along the lines of the positively mingbogglingly beautiful look and feel of NOCTURNA. I can't express in words the sheer excitement that I have for this oddly gorgeous looking film. If there was such thing as love at first sight when it came to movie trailers, I could be considered a babbling, love sick fool right now. Just amazing!

Brief Synopsis

What is it that makes the night so mysterious? What’s behind all of those little unexplainable things that happen when darkness falls?

What makes us fall asleep, and dream? Why do we wake up with our eyes stuck together, dry mouth, our hair in a mess, with our feet hanging over the side of the bed, and our pajamas down to our knees, not to mention that uncontainable need to go pee-pee? Could it be that there is somebody, somewhere, making sure that all of this happens just the way its supposed to?

Read the full synopsis and watch the teaser trailer for NOCTURNA

Next up is this year's release, EL CID THE LEGEND, which is slated to hit theatres in December. This film begs a similar question of "What would you get if Jeffrey Katzenburg was cheating on Dreamworks with a spanish animation studio? The film tells the story of Rodrigo de Vivar, an ordinary man who, through heroic measures, would become a legend. To be honest, I'm not nearly as impressed with the animation here, although you can definitely see the similarities in style, there is something that just doesn't click. Where the sometimes blurry animation in the trailer for NOCTURNA seemed to lend itself to the look and feel of the film, here it just seems, well, blurry. Regardless, it looks like it could be a fun, though familiar, animated romp. And check out the awesome looking official poster at the bottom of this page.

Brief Synopsis

Rodrigo is the perfect candidate for hero: a, handsome, well-humored, brave young man with a brilliant future lying before him. Son of a Castellian Nobleman, he combines his royal upbringing, with his friendship for the King´s first-born son, and successor to the throne Sancho, and clandestine visits to his beloved Gimena, the daughter of the Duke of Gormaz, Alférez, who has zeaoulously forbidden their courtship.

But Rodrigo´s times of content are not eternal in the royal court, and upon King Fernando´s death, Rodrigo finds himself caught-up in a conspiring and plot-laden world that will put an end to Sancho´s life and crown his brother "Prince Alfonso" king. Suddenly Rodrigo loses everything he has so easily come-by: his best friend, his beloved Gimena, his honor... and is unjustly exiled from Castilla.

Read the full synopsis and watch the teaser trailer for EL CID

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