1st 7 mins of Bloom!

Having finally had the pleasure of seeing THE BROTHERS BLOOM a few weeks ago, I can tell you that I'm excited to help spread the word. Opening wide in late May against DRAG ME TO HELL and UP, it'll certainly need some help. But I think you'll find it a rewarding experience and to help prove that, director Rian Johnson has put the first 7 minutes or so of the film online.

It's basically a little prologue before the title credits and show the brothers as young kids pulling off their first con. It's narrated by Ricky Jay and neatly sets up everything you're about to see throughout the rest of the movie. It's also pretty much the best part of the film. If you watch it, you'll smile, that I promise you. Or I'll give you your money back (What, you spent no money? Oh...).

Extra Tidbit: One of the boys in the clip is Max Records star of the upcoming WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.
Source: Hulu



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