1st Darjeeling pic!

I happened to catch THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS on TV the other day and even though it was the shitty edited Comedy Central version, I couldn't help but think, "Hot Damn, this is a good movie!" Some said Wes Anderson's work has gone on a steady decline since RUSHMORE, but I disagree. True, THE LIFE AQUATIC wasn't for everyone but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Luckily for Anderson fans like me, the director decided to squeeze a live-action film in before shooting the stop-motion animated kids film THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. This live-action film - THE DARJEELING LIMITED with Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman - is currently filming in India. The first photo of the trio of stars filming DARJEELING has popped up online. Normally this wouldn't be all that interesting but, hey, this is a Wes Anderson film and in most normal cases Owen Wilson wouldn't have his head wrapped in gauze (nor would Schwartzman be sporting such a finely groomed moustache). Check out the pic below to see a bigger version courtesy of a student who just happened to be travelling in India at the same time. Thanks to Brandon for the heads up!

Source: Film Ick



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