1st look at AvP2?

It may be a conscious decision, but I don’t know all that much about the sequel to ALIEN vs. PREDATOR. I mean, aside from the lethal xenomorphs and extraterrestrial hunters of the title, I know it stars the villain from the MIAMI VICE movie and a chick from 24, and it’s directed by some FX gurus, but other than that I remain selectively oblivious. I’m not sure if they’ve figured out a way to shoehorn Lance Henriksen in there yet, but they probably will.

Anyway, yeah, the point of the article: the first purported picture from the second spaceman smackdown has crash-landed at a German movie website, and it’s about as fascinating as… well, the first AvP movie. I’m unsure of the context, but if I’m not mistaken it seems to be an Alien knuckling up against a Predator who apparently has really shitty aim without laser-guided assistance. Unless he's some kind of galactic dermatologist. No, they definitely seem to be engaged in some type of intense altercation. Like in the title, I suppose.

The Fox commerce attempt titled AvP2 doesn’t splash acid until December, giving aspiring filmmakers with ample time and access to costumes and replicas a sufficient window to make a better fan-film.

Extra Tidbit: Aliens and Predators have clashed numerous times in the pages of Dark Horse comics, none of which featured arctic conditions or ancient temples. Thankfully.
Source: Blairwitch.de



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