1st look at Watchmen!

Late yesterday night I got an e-mail about some brewing controversy about the first image of Rorshach from THE WATCHMEN. Apparently, if you pause this uncut trailer (which looks to me to be exactly what was shown at Comic-Con) at 1:52 you get, for a split second, a shot of Rorshach. I had to try it for myself and it took a few tries but I finally got the image. Interesting, I thought, but it's so small and because it's on YouTube it's such crappy quality that anyone could've spliced in a fan-created image and uploaded it. Nope. Ain't It Cool is reporting this morning that the image is in fact real, was in fact put in as an easter egg by director Zack Snyder and even provided the original image as proof. I wasn't all that impressed with the pic at 1:52 on YouTube but the hi-res image? Me likey. I won't spoil the entire image here, but just give you a taste. Click on the image to head to AICN to see the full image. 300 hits theaters today.

Extra Tidbit: Snyder reportedly has a whole gallery full of test shots for WATCHMEN. Are there any others hiding on the web?...



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