1st Wolfman pic & more

The boys at Empire Magazine have been nice enough to send some of their issues my way because we in the US don't get their fine magazine. Sure enough, I've fallen in love. How we don't get this in the States is beyond me. Their all Indy magazine was reason enough. Further proof of their awesomeness are the first three official stills from THE WOLFMAN, GREEN ZONE and CIRQUE DU FREAK (I'm not counting that shot of Del Toro in Wolfman makeup as a production still as its not from the actual movie). You'll have to click through to Empire to see exactly who Del Toro is glaring at in that photo. Plus you'll see Matt Damon rocking some old school Oakley's and a fro'd out John C. Reilly as a vampire. Good stuff all around and certainly enough evidence to prove that Empire shouldn't be limited to just the UK.

Extra Tidbit: Is it OK to still be bummed Mark Romanek isn't directing THE WOLFMAN?
Source: Empire Magazine



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