2 more of Mars

John Carter vintage book art

Things are moving along quite nicely for Pixar's live-action JOHN CARTER OF MARS, with a cast confirmation and 2 new additions to what is already a solid and impressive ensemble. Except for Taylor Kitsch - no offense but his Gambit didn't quite dazzle me. Neither did the rest of the movie, to be fair.

The folks of THR's Heat Vision blog were able to confirm Thomas Hayden Church was signed as a villain (of course...poor Tom) named Taj Hajus. Good thing that film's in English 'cause in French that name sounds a little funny.

Also joining up are James Purefoy fresh off SOLOMON KANE to play Kantos Kan, and SHERLOCK HOLMES baddie Mark Strong as Matai Shang. I really should read those books again 'cause those names come up blank to me. Anybody with better memory than me to weigh in, please?

Extra Tidbit: Just watched TOMBSTONE again during the weekend; funny to see a film where Church was slim (and young), while Billy Bob Thornton was a fat bastard. Now he's not fat. *cough*



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