2008 Sundance lineup

Sundance 2008

The grand poobah of American film festivals, The Sundance Film Festival, recently announced the films they'll be showcasing when the festival kicks off on January 17th.

As usual, there's an eclectic mix of high profile films with high profile names and truly independent features, one or two of which will spark a tremendous amount of buzz but will ultimately disappoint, one or two that will spark a respectable amount of buzz and deliver and one or two of which will be just plain "what the fuck?" And, as always, we'll have a man down there watching as many films as is humanly possible in between boozing it up and trying to tap some high altitude ass.

Check out the list of films over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: As per Wikipedia, "The move from late summer to mid-winter was reportedly done on the advice of Hollywood director Sydney Pollack, who suggested that running a film festival in a ski resort during winter would draw more attention from Hollywood." Good call, dude.
Source: Sundance.org



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