2012 posters

Are you pumped for Roland Emmerich's disaster porn opus 2012? Yeah, I can't really say I am either, but as a purely visual exercise I expect it to be spectacular. I’m going to just try and ignore all the parts with humans talking instead of getting sucked up by earthquakes and hit with battleships.

As a preview of the kind of carnage you can expect, three new posters for the film have popped up on Yahoo! They show locations you know and love getting wrecked by floods, earthquakes and the aforementioned battleships. If I were to die in such a scenario, I think that I’d want to be crushed by the giant stone head of Jesus. That way when I went up to be judged in heaven, I could say “Hey man, you owe me one.”

Click on the posters below to head over to Yahoo! for some bigger versions.

Extra Tidbit: 2012 is just Roland Emmerich embracing what he's always wanted to do: destroy the world. It's like Michael Bay making a movie that was nothing but explosions and naked supermodels.
Source: Yahoo!



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