Renee\'s a rich girl!

Renee Zellweger has signed on for a $21 million paycheck for starring roles in CINDERELLA MAN and BRIDGET JONES 2, both of which are Universal and Miramax co-productions. Because the two studios were anxious to secure Zellweger in both roles, they offered the whopping combined paycheck that would cover both films. Filming on BRIDGET is expected to begin this October wtih CINDERELLA beginning in spring 2004. CINDERELLA has been in development for many years with, at one time, Ben Affleck starring and Billy Bob Thornton directing. Now Russell Crowe will play boxer Jim Braddock and Ron Howard will direct. Zellweger had been interested in the role in an earlier incarnation when Crowe was attached to star for director Lasse Hallstrom (THE CIDER HOUSE RULES). After their planned reunion on THE ALAMO fell apart, Crowe and Howard decided to reteam for CINDERELLA, eventually bringing Zellweger back into the mix. In addition to these two films, Zellweger is also set to star as Janis Joplin in Paramount\'s biopic, PIECE OF MY HEART.

Source: Variety
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