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Two more Massacre pics


Yahoo! Movies have added a couple more pics from Producer Michael Bay's upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE re-invisioning... re-working... re-make... or whatever it is. The film, which is now slated to open just in time for Halloween, on October 17th, follows a group of teens who, while on a trip through Texas on their way to Mexico to score some drugs (not a kids movie), are besieged by a chainsaw wielding psycho, out for some fresh meat and some new skin (definitely not a kids movie). The first image is a new shot of Leatherface and the second is an older pic that I would have been plain wrong not to include. Click on either to visit the Yahoo! gallery.

It's kind of dark... is that the lead singer of Jackyl?

Behold the lovely, talented(?) and very, very sweaty Jessica Biel, as she stands, gripped by terror, at the prospect of choosing between another year on 7th Heaven or showing us all her goodies!

Source: Yahoo! Movies
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