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MOVIE POLL: Will you be seeing "Harold & Kumar 2" this coming weekend?


Will you be seeing "Harold & Kumar 2" this coming weekend?

F*ckin' aye, dude! I've got my weed ready, my munchies stashed and my sense of humor ready to rock!
Most likely yeah. I enjoyed the first one and this one looks similar, so I'll probably check it out yeah.
I will at some point in theaters, but not this coming weekend. It depends on what the "word on the street" is, I suppose.
I highly doubt it! The first one was "okay", but this one doesn't look so good.
No way!! That shit looks awful...stoned or not!
I plan to rent/buy it on DVD one day, so that I can enjoy the film's "high" points in the privacy of my own basement
Dude...I have no idea what you're babbling about. I'm high as a kite right now!

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