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It doesn't hit theaters until August 1st, but longtime JoBlo friend Hank Scorpio checks it today with an early review of the third AMERICAN PIE film, AMERICAN WEDDING. Hank does a good job of explaining everything (and including a nice reference to "Itchy, Scratchy and Poochie") so I won't waste any time blabbering. Here's the man's mild-spoiler review:


Caught a screening of AMERCIAN WEDDING (aka AMERICAN PIE 3) in New York. We were warned ahead of time that we were looking at a workprint, but it was projected crystal clear in digital vide and it didn't seem like the final cut would be too different from what I saw, so here's a heads up on what to expect. AMERCIAN WEDDING reunites most of the cast of the previous AMERICAN PIE movies. Gone are Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonne, and Shannon Elizabeth. In all honesty, I didn't miss any of them, and neither did the movie. I don't know how many of them thought they're too good to be in AMERCIAN WEDDING , but between ROLLERBALL, LOSER, not being able to get into clubs, getting thrown in jail for DWIs, and whatever it is Shannon Elizabeth does now, none of their careers can be described as red hot right now. In any case, AMERCIAN WEDDING cruises along just fine without them.

It's no secret, given the title, trailers and the movie poster, that AMERCIAN WEDDING is about the marriage of Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan - by the way, after four years of lesbian Willow on "Buffy," it's great to see Alyson Hannigan playing heterosexual again.) The big surprise however is that AMERCIAN WEDDING isn't really about Jim and Michelle. I mean, yes, their wedding is built up to throughout the movie, and Jim has a subplot in which he tries to win the favor of Michelle's parents, but they're actually pushed aside a great deal of the time and share the stage of 'main character of this movie' with Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott).

Stifler is in many ways the real star of AMERCIAN WEDDING . His role in the wedding and how his presence affects all of the other characters drives practically all of the action in the story. Stifler's prominence is reminicent of the classic "Simpsons" episode when Homer was the voice of Poochie - even when Poochie wasn't on screen, everyone asked "Where's Poochie?" So it is with Stifler. Stifler has a lot to do in the movie and, more often than not, his obnoxious personality creates a lot of laughs. Stifler even goes after Michelle's younger sister Cadence (the very hot January Jones [see pic to the left]) and has a hilarous ongoing feud with Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) over who gets to win Cadence's heart. The results are surprising and funny.

The AMERICAN PIE movie formula of grossouts and embarassing sexual situations is very familiar by this third go-around and screenwriter Adam Herz pushes the envelope even farther in grossout humor and in nudity. There's a long altercation in a gay bar, a big gag about Jim shaving his pubic hair, and one of the most cringe-inducing scenes involving dog shit I've ever gagged through in a movie theatre.

As for the nudity side of things, the memory of Shannon Elizabeth's topless scene in the original Pie is matched and perhaps even exceeded by the amazing nudity by Nikki Ziering and Amanda Swisten at Jim's bachelor party. This doesn't disappoint, fellas.

WEDDING T&A Nikki Ziering and Amanda Swisten

There were some problems in the construction of many of the gags, especially in how logic flies out the window to set up the jokes and the characters did some really retarded things for the jokes to work. Also, since this was a workprint, some scenes fell flat and likely had yet to be completed. Regardless, the movie was still enjoyable and I'm certain the picture will be tightened a great deal before its August release date.

Also, even with half of the original cast absent, there still wasn't enough for everyone to do. Even though she's the bride, Michelle doesn't have as much screen time as one would expect; she plays second fiddle to Cadence throughout the picture, especially since Cadence's story revolved around Stifler. As for Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas), he barely had any lines in the movie and no story of his own save for a funny bit involving his trademark rallying cry "To the next step".

AMERCIAN WEDDING is fairly predictable and is in the mold of the previous Pie films, but fans of Stifler should enjoy his increased role and importance to the story. The movie is pretty much what you would expect AMERICAN PIE 3 to be, so if you're a fan of the first two, expect more of the same (in some respects, AMERCIAN WEDDING is indeed superior to AMERICAN PIE 2). I thought the movie had some big laughs and some super hot women, so I enjoyed it for the most part. I wouldn't mind if AMERCIAN WEDDING is the last of the American Pie films, and if it is, this is nice PIE to out on.

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