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CON: Tomb Raider 2



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Angelina Jolie

The film stars:
Angelina Jolie
Gerard Butler
Noah Taylor
Christopher Barrie

Release Date:
July 25, 2003


Wow. I really never expected to see this much excitement for either this film or its star, but the Angelina Jolie Q&A panel was definitely the most energetic, emotional and ultimately, less content-oriented of the entire weekend. I got caught up in all the excitement of the very gorgeous Jolie as well, sporting a classy low-cut black dress and sparkling with an aura about as authentic as anyone that I had ever seen at the Con.

Despite this panel ultimately just veering into how beautiful Jolie was, her importance to many of the women in the audience, as well as a number of lesbian offers, I still had a decent time just soaking in much of the ultimate fan appreciation that was directed at the sexy actress. She too was very appreciative in return, and made several mentions about how she gets as much from her fans, as they likely get from her. If you hadn’t guessed by now…yes, I was won over by this lovely lady this afternoon. Here are some of the comments tossed back and forth during this 60-minute block:

  • We were initially shown a 4-5 minute behind-the-scenes clip from TOMB RAIDER 2, which was essentially as “fluffy” as any Hollywood featurette that you will find on DVDs nowadays. Jolie speaking about how much better this film is, everyone agreeing and patting each other on the back (including director Jan De Bont) and several shots of Jolie in skivvies. I dug the bikini stuff, but other than that, wasn’t impressed by the dog-and-pony act. Also, I’d seen most of this stuff on either “Entertainment Tonight” or “Access Hollywood” a few weeks ago.

  • Jolie said that she had “missed the character of Lara Croft, and couldn’t wait to get her boots and guns back on”.

  • As I stated in my intro, Jolie’s session was about nutty as any one that I had seen so far, and even she acknowledged that at several points. Many people remained standing throughout her entire stay, lots of pictures were being taken throughout and it seemed like everyone and their uncle was highly influenced by this young, yet obviously, strong-willed, woman. At one point, she was taken aback and said “This is so chaotic…it’s fabulous.” Funny and typical Jolie quip.

  • When asked about which stunt was the hardest one for her, she said that it was the one featuring a horse, because the horse kept riding away. She also said that she loved doing her own stunts (although she didn’t do them all herself, obviously) and that she adored heights.

  • When asked what woman character she would want to play in a movie, she said that she was pretty close to playing the one she wanted very soon, and that was Catherine the Great (confirmed in our news story here).

  • When asked if she ever played the video games, she said that she hadn’t because she had no patience. Apparently, she had tried it once: “I broke a game when I first played it…I threw it up against the wall. I don’t think Lara would be good at the game either. Takes a lot of patience.”

  • Her most favorite character that she has ever played was the one in GIRL, INTERRUPTED, for which she won an Academy Award in the year 2000.

  • When asked about the possibility of a TOMB RAIDER 3, Jolie said: “That’s up to you guys. If you like the second one enough, then probably…yeah.”

  • Why is Lara Croft so important to Angelina Jolie? She had originally turned down the role of the sexy adventurer but eventually came to love her character, her adventurer side, her warrior toughness. She said that she was a “strong woman figure” who didn’t “use her sexuality”, but was very sexual. A lot like Angelina herself. When someone asked what the fine line was between “slutty” and “sexy”, Jolie said that it basically had to do with whether or not you were dressing up or making yourself up for YOURSELF or OTHER PEOPLE. If it was for yourself…then, THAT was sexy. 

  • Angelina Jolie’s favorite book is “House of the Dead” by Dostoyevsky

  • When someone asked Jolie how she compared to Lara Croft, she said that they had a lot in common, especially since they both “kept ending up alone”. She then laughed and so did the audience. She said that they also had a lot in common, especially in that they “both loved adventures, different cultures and would fight to the death for something in which they believed.”

  • A number of peeps also got up to basically just tell Angelina how much they loved her while one particularly creative dude said that he had seen her son (who is from Cambodia) and wondered whether or not that meant that she “dug Asian dudes”? Jolie laughed, as did the audience, as she quickly zipped back with a “I guess it does.” She also blew a few kisses to folks who asked. Nice. I grabbed one in mid-air.

  • A particularly emotional moment occurred when an obviously sincere woman approached one of the microphones and in tears, told Jolie how she had contracted HIV several years ago and that GIA and Jolie herself, had “meant everything to her”. Needless to say, the moment felt very surreal for many, but Jolie took it all in on the spot, put her hand on her own heart and also shed a few tears before the five thousand strong audience (see pic below). She then thanked the woman, wished her well and asked her to come backstage afterwards. The disgusting part of the panel came when another woman, who sounded like she was only 20-something in the first place, went up to one of the mikes, said that she too had HIV for “over 20 years” and asked if she “could come backstage as well.” It was an obvious gratuitous attempt to meet the star and while Jolie stood on stage, not sure what to say, she ultimately played the high card and said “Well, you say that you have HIV, so I believe you. Sure, come see me.” Not sure what happened with that afterwards, but needless to say, if not sincere, that woman definitely needs to seek some major psychotherapy for herself.

<pic originally appeared on Comingsoon.net>


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