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The Warner Bros panel was one of the more packed ones of the day with Halle Berry leading the group, in person, looking hot as hell and answering questions about her upcoming thriller, GOTHIKA (more on her and the film coming soon). The three lead babes from TORQUE also showed up for a couple of minutes (more on them and the film coming soon as well), as well as a couple of video messages from the folks working on the third HARRY POTTER film and Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson from STARSKY & HUTCH (check out our set visit with the boys here).

Stiller and Wilson basically apologized for not being able to show up at the Con in person, but explained how their "busy schedule" and "tough" days of shooting didn't allow them to "drive down the highway" from L.A. to San Diego. They then got up from their seats and said that they had to shoot yet another "tough scene"...panning over with them, we noted them walking into a group of gorgeous cheerleaders. Funny stuff. Oh yeah, WB also featured a couple of minutes behind-the-scenes from TROY starring Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana, and the teaser trailer to THE LAST SAMURAI, which we’ve already seen online (you can download it here).

(release date: May 21, 2004)

The 2-minute behind-the-scenes clips from TROY, a film based on the legendary mythical story of Achilles, was pretty cool, with shades of GLADIATOR spread throughout. Pitt looked hot as shit in his Roman get-ups, and the few scenes shown from the movie also packed a punch. Not much of it was memorable, since it was all cut up together, but I do remember the scene in which the giant Trojan horse is wheeled into the town square at night. I think we all know what happened there, right? Bloom was also pretty absent from the clips, but I did see him in one quick shot. Mostly, it was all about Pitt, his golden locks, swords, fights and old school settings. The film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

(release date: : June 4, 2004)

Many people were expecting to see some scenes, a teaser trailer or some surprises from the upcoming HARRY POTTER film, but instead, were presented with a 5-minute introduction by Daniel Radcliffe himself, in which he basically told us about how he was filming the movie at this present time. He was also joined by director Alfonso Cuarón (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN), who replaces Christopher Columbus in the third installment of the series, who spoke more at length about the film and some of the things in it. Being as I’m not much of a HARRY POTTER geek, I didn’t extract much of substance from their conversation, but did note a Quiddish in the rain sequence which they said would be included in this round, as well as the inclusion of the great actor, Gary Oldman, playing Sirius Black (see a picture of him in full get-up here).


Next up, was a new 5-minute Looney Tune cartoon which will apparently be making its way back to television this fall. This one was called “Museum Scream” and featured that loveable cat Sylvester and that cute-as-a-button bird, Tweety. The animation in this presentation was decent, but a little more advanced than the old classics, and therein, not as nostalgically entertaining. That being said, some of the humor was quite “old school”, while it was also obvious that they were also trying to appeal to adult audiences as well. All in all, the story wasn’t much more than Sylvester trying in various ways to nab & eat Tweety, but it did end on a pretty energized sequence, which featured lots of bells, whistles, etc.. All in all, a decent time.

(release date: November 14, 2003)

Some of you might already know about this one, but a new Looney Tunes/live action film has been made recently and it will be seeing the light of day come November 14, 2003. It stars Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman and Steve Martin, and was directed by GREMLINS director Joe Dante. Eric Goldberg came out to speak to us about this film, and told us a little something about its plotline, before showcasing a couple of scenes from the movie. The story features Elfman as a studio head who fires Daffy Duck. Fraser plays a studio security guard, who wants to be a stuntman. Steve Martin is the head of the evil ACME corporation, who kidnaps Timothy Dalton, a super spy, who also happens to be Fraser’s dad in the film.

Ultimately, Fraser hits the road with Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Elfman to rescue his pops. We were shown two “rough cut” sequences from the film, both of which pretty decent looking actually. I haven’t been very impressed with much of what I’d seen from this movie so far (check out its trailer here), but the first scene, in particular, gave it a high-energy quotient that I wasn’t expecting. The scene started with the lovely Heather Locklear wrestling Daffy Duck, who eventually gets away and starts running away from Yosemite Sam and his two bumbling side-kicks. He eventually runs into Fraser and the chase, through various Las Vegas casinos and locations, is on. Eventually, the pack end up on the main strip and run into Elfman and Bugs Bunny and join them in their car, as they are all chased by Sam & co (3-4 minutes).

The second clip featured Steve Martin as the head of the ACME company calling a certain Will E. Coyote so that he could help him out. Martin has Dalton caged up in the scene. We see the Coyote ordering an ACME product online, to be shipped IMMEDIATELY, at which point, the product drops right out of the sky and on to his head. Natch. The two clips looked good, but I can’t really say much more since it really depends on what is done with the rest of the movie.

Read the JoBlo.com set visit of

(release date: November 5, 2003)

Once again, I was expecting to get to see something really exclusive at the Con, but once again (despite them touting it as something special), all we were shown was the “international trailer” of the upcoming THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, a trailer that we had already featured on our site (and is still available right here) about two months ago! C’mon folks…get with the program. It’s the age of the Internet now.


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