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CON: LOTR- Return of the King



Richard Taylor
Sean Astin
Elijah Wood
Billy Boyd
Andy Serkis

The film stars:
Elijah Wood
Ian McKellen
Viggo Mortensen
Sean Astin
Liv Tyler
Billy Boyd
Dominic Monaghan
Orlando Bloom
John Rhys-Davies
Ian Holm
Christopher Lee
Cate Blanchett

Release Date:
December 17, 2003

I’d caught both LOTR panels in the years previous, so I was expecting something really special out of this one, but got instead, a boring showcase and infinite details about some of the costumes/weapons used in the LOTR movies re-created on-stage, as well as appearances from the three guys who have made their appearance the Con, an annual event. We actually got a chance to interview the three hobbits backstage before their panel as well, but for some very odd reason, neither of the two remaining hobbits (Wood was apparently disguised as a Star Wars Stormtrooper and shopping through the comic book aisles downstairs) wanted anything to do with discussing LORD OF THE RINGS, and would rather talk about themselves. Yawn. Since there was nothing of substance to report from that encounter, check out the pics below for what you missed from the actual panel.

The costumes/weapons presentation was MC’d by Richard Taylor, the WETA master, who brought several volunteers out to be dressed as elfs, hobbits and the sort. An Uruk-Hai warrior also came out to play, while the weapons-maker created an actual sword in front of the audience (made out of the same material as skateboard wheels—their motto to the actors was “We will make them and you can TRY to break them”). The only really cool thing was the appearance of Andy Serkis on the stage (Gollum, for those in the dark), who tossed a couple of F-bombs out there, his kickass Gollum voices and came off like a pretty cool guy. In fact, he was also surprised to see his “audition tape” for the part shown to the audience. Pretty damn creepy…it’s no wonder that he got the part.

Unfortunately, NEW LINE also decided that showing LOTR fans the way Gollum was created/voiced would be something unique for the show, when as we all know (even non-fans like myself), all of that stuff could be found online already. We also got to see about 3-minutes from the apparent 12-minutes of THE RETURN OF THE KING that will be on the upcoming THE TWO TOWERS dvd release, but as the Tolkien fan next to me said after that was shown: “Is that all?” Most of it was just behind-the-scenes stuff, including folks discussing the third film and how the battle in that movie would be 1000 times bigger than the final battle in THE TWO TOWERS. Having said that, I have to admit that actually sounds pretty damn cool. From what we did see though (which wasn’t much), I didn’t see anything particularly unique or eye-opening. Director Peter Jackson and Gandalf himself (Ian McKellen) presented the new footage via video message. Pictures from the panel below:


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