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CON: Jeepers Creepers 2



Ray Wise
Jonathan Breck
Nicki Aycox
Al Santos
Garikayi Mutambirwa
Marieh Delfino
Lena Cardwell
Eric Nenninger

This film stars:
Ray Wise
Jonathan Breck

Release date:
August 29, 2003

I got the chance to partake in a round table with a whole lot of people from JEEPERS CREEPERS 2. Although a little too busy (you try and interview nine people at the same time), this swift Q&A session was quite the blast. The highlight for me was finally meeting all around great man with a great tan: Ray Wise. He was in a happy mood and being the Twin Peaks fan that I am, it was awesome to see Leland Palmer in the flesh. It did get a bit confusing when the kids all started talking at the same time, but everybodyís easy-going nature (Jonathan Breck was such a nice guy!) made the sit-down enjoyable. The only bummer was that they were rushed in and out before I can ask Mr. Wise for a picture, but at least I got to fulfill a fanboy dream...I met Leland Palmer. Now, hereís the key info I got from our talk.

  • Both Ray Wise and Jonathan Breck agreed that his sequel is a non-stop action fest that takes the physical action found in the original to an all-new level. I asked if it was something like what ALIENS was to ALIEN and they both agreed with that analogy. Where the first film had a first half that was buildup and a second half that was mostly action...this one, they say, is ALL action.

  • Actress Nicki Aycox stated that spending a lot of time cramped up inside a school bus helped the teen cast grow closer, and therefore upping their chemistry onscreen. The other teens on the panel jumped in to agree (thatís when it got confusing-- too many people talking at the same time) and spoke about how they all felt like they were back in grade school. Lots of shooting napkin bits through straws and lots of throwing of fake broken glass took place.

  • The script changed considerably as they shot the film, right down to who would live and who would die. The teen actors all went on to state at which point in the film they each died, but I'll keep that info hush-hush from this report. One jokingly said that the fate of one's character depended on how friendly you got with the director.

  • The hardest scene for Jonathan Breck (The Creeper) to shoot in the film was the one in which he was hanging upside down from the the bus. He jokingly stated that although he likes doing that when drunk on Tequila in Mexico...it was tough on him here.

  • Jonathan Breck dismissed an early Internet rumor where 3 Creepers would be present in this sequel. Thereís only one monster in this sequel.

  • Breck also revealed that in this sequel, The Creeper gets to use the weapons that we saw in the back of his truck in the original. Here, The Creeper has a wide variety of carved weapons made of teeth and bones.

  • Ray Wise said that he had a good work out running after Breck in a cornfield, take after take after take. He said that he was okay with it though, especially since he had prepared himself with physical training before the shoot.

  • Jonathan Breck said that he would do a JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 if the quality of the script kept getting stronger, as it were. Ray Wise said that he too would do another one but that the next time around, he would run after Breck in the cornfield and catch him. Jokingly, of course...


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