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If there was ever any doubt as to whether Christopher Nolan's Batman 5 project was still moving forward, I think it's safe to say that we can lay them to rest for the time being. Empire Online caught up to the director while he was out and about in Europe, promoting the DVD release of his debut film, FOLLOWING, and prodded away about the details of the film. Just reading the man's words, you truly sense his passion for the character and the project as a whole. This almost has me convinced that we will actually see another Bat-film! Here is what he had to say:

Asked how Batman was coming along, Nolan says; 'Fantastic. I'm having the time of my life. [It's at the] very early stages, which is where it's tremendous fun. I'm getting to watch my vision of the world of Batman. To do that and get paid for it is brilliant.' So what exactly is his vision for the series? 'Er, bloody marvellous? I can't. It's absolutely, excruciatingly top secret.'

Talking later on about one of his favourite films, 2001, Nolan explains that, 'I think that if you show something incredible and take them to a different world you don't necessarily have to be telling them the clearest or most obvious story.' When the reporter says that he'll read that as Nolan's vision for Batman the director agrees. 'Absolutely. Definitely.'

Source: Empire Online
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