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As many of you already know, The Arrow and I recently came back from our 3-week trip out West where we covered the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, the VSDA in Las Vegas and where we hooked up with a lot of our friends in Los Angeles. Overall, the trip was a monster success, and hopefully many of you enjoyed some of the coverage that we tossed on to our site. It was also amazing for us to actually meet sooooo many people out there, who were simply aware of our site. Wow! It was very, very surreal, let me tell you (working out of my parents' garage in Montreal, Canada every night, just doesn't bring that sort of love home, ya know?). You don't know how cool it was to walk up to someone and hear them say "Hey, I know you...you're JoBlo. I love your site, man!!" Neat. The Arrow even got a couple of autograph seekers...wtf?

STUDIOS: I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the studio reps who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us, especially one very well known G-rated studio, who actually met us in a bar on a Friday night....wow, who knew?!? As for the couple of studios who DIDN'T meet with us and who apparently still believe that the Internet is just a "passing fad", well...try calling US in about three years and see how many of YOUR phone-calls we return... :) That goes to the dudes who organize the annual "Movie Webmasters Panel" at the Comic Con as well. Let's see, we're not on the panel, neither is ComingSoon.net, RottenTomatoes.com, IMDB.com, Aintitcoolnews.com, Cinescape.com, etc.... Makes sense to me. Bugh. Yeah, I'm that guy! :)

MOVERS & SHAKERS: We'd also like to thank all of the movers/shakers who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us, just for the sake of....meeting with us. Producers, directors, screenwriters and actors all around...it was REALLY nice to meet many of you face-to-face and thanks for the invites, the parties and most of all, your company. Seriously, it was a blast.

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: Well, other than the thousands of celebs that we saw at the Con (pictures below), there were a few others that we ran into here and there. Drinking a few brews at Barney's Beanery in L.A. landed us right next to Juliette Lewis, who was drinking a drink and reading a book. We also ran into actor Noah Emmerich at the New Line offices, and dined with Warner Bros in the same restaurant as Andy Dick. The Arrow got to meet Zalman King, the man behind such films as 9 1/2 WEEKS and WILD ORCHID, and actually shook his hand as he walked out of the toilet. Nice! (thanks for the free CRAZY GIRLS show, btw....they really WERE crazy girls!!) We also walked into Larry Clark's suite in Vegas, but needless to say, didn't say much. On the "sex" side, I nailed Carmen Electra in some Sunset dive over the first weekend while the Arrow finally got to meet Britney Spears and taught her many a lesson. Okay, so that last line was a lie, but hey...it's all I got, dude. BTW, the L.A. nightlife can't hold a friggin' candle to the one in Montreal...seriously! DUBLIN'S can suck my c**k!!!!!!! (and to that one waitress who asked us to leave the bar if we didn't get another drink: "Eff you, honey!"-- we were buying drinks all night long...open your eyes!!!! We're Canadian, after all ;)

Anyway, enough talk, let's get to the pics. You might have noticed that I tend to look a little different every year, and this year the infamous "JoBlo goatee" was shaved for many a reason that we won't get into here (no worries, it will be making a comeback in cameras near you very soon). If you didn't get a chance to check out our previous years' galleries, see here: 2002 PHOTO GALLERY, 2001 PHOTO GALLERY and 2000 PHOTO GALLERY.

Is all of this self-indulgent? Absolutely! I'm not a big fan of movie fansites passing all of their own personal day-to-day rituals on to their readers, but since we only do this once a year (and get nothing but positive feedback about it year after year), don't have much opportunity to hobnob with ya'll otherwise and I just got a new digital camera, cut us some slack, enjoy the pics for what they are (which ain't much, to be honest witcha) and don't take it all so seriously (as you'll see by the many captions, we sure didn't). See ya next year!! (our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Cali that will hopefully include more members of the JoBlo.com team as well)


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