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From Montreal with love...

First things last...let's go to Tijuana and drink.

I'm with you, chief! By the way, is that a 2-cent whorehouse I see at the corner of this street? Let's hit it!!

Now what, bro-ham?

Nachos, of course.

I drink and smoke because it makes me feel good. I wear a Dublin T-shirt because I'm Irish. "I am whatever you say I am, if I wasn't, why would I say I am..."

JoBlo or Robert De Niro's illegitimate son? You decide.

Hey, look....a hard-on!!

Dude, that's out of line. Then again, what's that wet patch on your thigh....aaaawww, duuuuuuuudeee!!!

Fuck you and your hard-on, let's eat some Taco Bell fajitas.

Whatever you say, fatass. Not like we have anything else to do at one of the coolest beachsides in the world: Mission Beach, yo!

If I look far enough, I think I can actually see Jan De Bont's career floating away. PS: Is that a bottle in my hand or am I just glad to see the ocean?

Easily one of the nicer guys on the Net: Garth Franklin from Dark Horizons, yo...give it up!!

See the Arrow take a picture with some hot chicks from www.marquismodels.com. Yeah...those chicks!! 

Yeah, that's Camp Crystal behind me, beeyatch...got a problem with that?!?

Is that Tintin acting like a juvenile or JoBlo making an ass of himself? Not sure but either way, George Lucas blows!!

G.I. Arrow. Knowing him is half the battle. The other half? Trying to forget him!! :)

Frank Castle aka The Punisher aka The Arrow's Blue Steel look.

Quentin Tarantino: "Dear JoBlo...please stop following me around the country and trying to pawn your book off to me. I couldn't give a diddled-eyed shit to a damned if I know about what website you run. You suck ass and I will get my pipe-hittin' homeboys to fuck you up if you don't leave me alone real soon. Love, QT" Is that written JoeBlow or JoBlo?

Just called me Cock, Doc Cock. Stupid joke but actually a GREAT man. Alfred Molina.

Ladies and gentlemen: Robert Zombie.

I swear to God this picture has NOT been touched up. This man's head is just that HUGE!!!!! And when I say "man", I mean the Arrow...and when I say "head", I mean that monster that he carries around in his jeans.

A very hot Italian babe from Van Helsing.

Another very hot Italian babe from Van Helsing.

And yet another very hot Italian babe from Van Helsing.

The man, the myth, the kickass t-shirt: Michael Madsen.

28 DAYS LATER, the Arrow was still wondering why he didn't "hit that" with Naomie Harris.

Rowdie Roddy Piper. The man came to the Con to kick ass and chew lots of bubblegum. And wouldn't you know...as soon as he got there, he was ALL OUT of bubblegum!!

Is that a babe on the stage or is that a woman who dumped her husband for the director of her latest film? Either way, it's Kate Beckinsale and she's hot as shit. Well, not "shit" as in "shit", but "shit" as in "Shite, she's hot as shit, yo!" You know, like shit in the summertime...am I making any sense??

Jason vs The Arrow vs Freddy.
Natch, Kane Hodder wins by default!

Now how'd that get in there????


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