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The best way to start off your day.

A trip to Vegas wouldn't be a trip to Vegas without some Playboy honeys on each arm.

Note: JoBlo was talking about how many hits he gets on his dinky website and the blonde chick didn't seem to care much. Thankfully for him, number two was a player and railed him in the back room. Whatever that means.

The money shot. I guess I don't have to tell you all what happened after the Arrow and I took this picture with these Playboy triplets, right....right?!?!!? Hehehehe. Basically, we moved to the side and another couple of goofs took pictures with them and then another 13,185 guys after that.

The Arrow as that guy being that guy!!

"Dude, I'm drunk but I still want to party. What do we do now?"

"Not sure, but if that's a ghost, I don't want to know shit from shinola after tonight."

"Fuck you, JoBlo...you pussy-ass beeyatch. Let's get this party started, yo!!!" 

"Eh. Alright, dude. Let's get this party started....yawn. By the way, I have to get back to our hotel room before 4am, so that I can upload tomorrow's site update and......."

The innocent will remain just that.

A fan, a groupie, the love of my life? Nobody knows for sure, but whatever the case, it looks like the Arrow was right again.

"Day two, dude. Let's start the day off with a drink and see where it takes us."

"I'm with you, dude. By the way, how come we always take these <sitting at the corner of the bed with a drink in our hands> shots?"

Some of you may know this man as Kevin Smith. Others might know him as Kevin Smith. Whatever the case, that's JoBlo and Kevin Smith, yo! Snoochie bootchies and easily the highlight of my trip! (other than the shot below, of course... :)

If you don't know who Gauge is, then this picture won't matter much to you. If you DO know who she is.....well: "Yeah baby, yeah!!!"

Who's the man?? Who's the man???? YOU DA MAN, YO!!!

Holy fuck!!! We just met Kevin Smith, ignored pervert aka film director Larry Clark and felt Gauge up, yo!!! (well, "put our arms around her", at least). Let's drink some more, yo!!! It seems to be working.

"Dude, let's chill out a bit. We're making asses of ourselves and we have to remember that we're almost.....25........now and we have to start acting our ages--- "

"FUCK ALL THAT, A-HOLE.....I WAS JUST SHITTIN' YA!!! If this is all we've got, let's run with it!!! Blaze of glory and all that shit..."

Wow, did you guys know that lovely ladies walk around the casino and hand you alcoholic beverages for free?!?!?! VEGAS RULES!!! Email me back, you! :)

I gotta win, dude....I just gotta win. Fuckin' creditors and shit...

Here's all I gotta say to your creditors, bro-ham....

Thanks JoBlo. Thanks to your positive thinking, I just scored us $1030. That's $500 each for the hookers and $15 for the burgers. 

Thanks dude. Let's hope that this dog soaks up about 3 weeks worth of alcohol, eh?

Fuck you and your dog, beeyatch. I'm chicken-fingering it AND keeping the Trailer Park Boys' rum & cokes going.

"Yeah Arrow...does it look like I'm really talking on the phone here? Do I look important? Huh, huh???"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's working. We both look like we're movers and shakers and that's what Vegas is all about. That....and coke and hookers, of course."

"Well, I guess that's the end of our journey, dude. Let me toss one more phony baloney, "gaze into my blood-shot eyes" look out there and let's call it a trip. Single ladies apply within."

Blow it out your ass, JoBlo. You suck, dude.

Till next year, kids. Remember to take your vitamins, drink milk and brush your teeth every night.


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