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S.W.AT. swats competition

The "sequels trend" of opening decently on their first weekend out and then dropping like a rock, continued this week with last week's #1 film AMERICAN WEDDING, plunging close to 60% of its take from last weekend, to finish in third place this time around, behind the first place TV-show remake of S.W.A.T. and the remake of FREAKY FRIDAY in second spot. Despite scoring close to $23 million over the weekend, FRIDAY, which ironically opened on Wednesday, made over $33 million since its release. In the "well, that's not much of a surprise" category, GIGLI dropped out of the top 10 altogether in only its 2nd week of release (dropping a monstrous 82% since last weekend), while Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement that he would be running for the governorship of California didn't help the cause of his film much, as T3 remained in 10th spot with only $1.6 million. The three films that keep on truckin' though are PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN which only dropped 30% from its total last week, SEABISCUIT, which also held on to a spot in the top 5 and FINDING NEMO, which continues to swim to record totals with close to $330 million overall. It's nice to see that ORIGINAL films, and not stinky remakes or bullshit sequels are making the moolah this summer. Hollywood, you dumb slut...take note!!! :) Next week sees a slew of new films vying for the top spot including FREDDY VS JASON, OPEN RANGE, UPTOWN GIRLS, GRIND and SHAOLIN SOCCER.

 1. S.W.A.T.  $  37.0 Million/ New
 2. Freaky Friday  $  22.3 Million/ New
 3. American Wedding  $  15.1 Million/ $ 64.9 Million
 4. Pirates of the Caribbean  $  13.1 Million/ $ 232.8 Million
 5. Seabiscuit  $  11.9 Million/ $  69.5 Million
 6. Spy Kids 3-D  $  10.1 Million/ $  87.4 Million
 7. Bad Boys 2  $   6.0 Million/ $ 123.1 Million
 8. Tomb Raider 2  $   5.2 Million/ $  53.7 Million
 9. Finding Nemo  $   2.5 Million/ $ 324.9 Million
 10. Terminator 3  $   1.6 Million/ $ 146.0 Million


Source: Yahoo Movies
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