Irreversible DVD mix-up

\"\" You know what? Lion\'s Gate kicks ass! Not only are they one of the few studios with the cojones to create and distribute some of the most taboo and questionable projects out there - all the while giving filmmakers the creative freedom to make their vision become a reality - but now they\'ve also proven that they can admit when they\'ve made a mistake ... and take the appropriate measures to correct it. Case in point: The DVD for the Monica Bellucci/Vincent Cassel revenge in reverse flick, IRREVERSIBLE. The disc was supposed to contain a bunch of special features, including deleted scenes and a behind the scenes look at the stellar special effects used to create the film\'s unique appearance, but when the DVD hit stores, it did so without some of these extras in tow. Now here\'s the cool part. In order to try and make good on the mix-up, Lion\'s Gate have posted the SFX featurette on the film\'s official website for all to enjoy for free. That\'s right! Freeeeeeeee! Plus, if you were one of the unlucky folks who bought the DVD, only to find that it didn\'t deliver what it had promised, there are details on the site for how you can exchange it for a corrected version. Good on you, Lion\'s Gate. Keep up the good work.

Source: Lion\'s Gate
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