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Iron Man DVD clips!


IRON MAN hits DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow and I can't wait to see what this sucker looks like in high-def (finally taking that big step - wish me luck!). As you might expect there are a ton of special features including a seven-part documentary on the making of the film and a six-part featurette on the origins of Iron Man. To give you a tease as to what to expect on the disc, we have three clips below to share with you. The first are two deleted scenes from the film that you'll find on the DVDs and the last is a clip from the "Suit Construction" part of the documentary showing how the FX guys constructed the suit. Check em out and remember you can pre-order IRON MAN right here!

IRON MAN Deleted Scene - "Tony Comes Home"

IRON MAN Deleted Scene - "Pepper and Tony in Dubai"

IRON MAN DVD Special Feature - "Making of Iron Man - Suit Construction"

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