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There has been a lot of little "bits" of information floating around the net this week regarding a bunch of projects and players from various regions of the Askewniverse (note: they're basically small nuggets orbiting around an odd planet named Kevin Smith), but nothing substantial enough to warrant an entire article. So what I've decided to do, is sum up all the goodies into one halfway decent sized article here. Off we go...

  • RANGER DANGER: A coiffed and quite healthy looking Jason Mewes recently stopped by the WebAskew Chat Room to mingle with some onliners (see pic above for a personal message from the man affectionately known as Jay). It was revealed this week that he will indeed be appearing in Kevin Smith's recently announced RANGER DANGER AND THE DANGER RANGERS but will not however, have a role in FLETCH WON.

  • CLERKS: There is movement afoot on a 10th anniversary edition of CLERKS, but no release date, or what we can expect to see in the way of extras, is known. CLERKS: SELL OUT, the animated movie based on the short lived tv series, is moving along as well with Kevin stating: "We'll be outputting the flash test to film soon." Ohhhh, sounds exotic!

  • JERSEY GIRL: The film is now in it's final form (no more cutting) and James Venable has recorded the score for the upcoming Ben & (not so much) Jen flick.

  • FLETCH WON: Smith has finished the first iteration of the script for FLETCH WON and is now working on a second draft. Kevin also shared Jason Lee's reaction to the Fletch casting news that Miramax wanted a bigger "name" to carry the flick: "I understand. I really do. I understand how a company like Miramax works, and quite frankly I don't feel like fighting them for a project that I probably don't feel as passionate about now as I did 2 years ago. Of course that's no offense to you, it's just that I don't feel as interested in doing comedies lately. Would Fletch be a typical comedy? No. Are you a typical comedy director? No, of course not. But still, it seems to be how I feel. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I've started Stereo Skateboards again, am having a son, am planning on finally directing (my script) next year, and have grown pretty fond of smaller movies. New experiences, different experiences. Trying to expand, yet simplify at the same time. Prioritize my creativity, you know? This very small movie that I'm working on right now with Daniel Day-Lewis has really brought me back to "the Chasing Amy time in my life" and has helped restore a lot of my drive and enthusiasm for acting. Not sure if any of this makes much sense to you, but something tells me it does."
I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that Jason Lee is starting up Stereo Skateboards again (I dug their stuff when I used to skate) and it's nice to hear that he is going to step away from the comedies for a while. The film with Daniel Day Lewis that Lee refers to is called ROSE AND THE SNAKE and is about a dying, widower father and his 16-year-old daughter named Rose, who live on an abandoned commune, where Rose has been largely sheltered from the world. When the father's new love, a single mother (played by Catherine Keener), and her two teenage boys come to live with them, Rose undergoes a sexual awakening with both liberating and devastating consequences. Eep! Heavy stuff.

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