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Man-Thing: the movie?


I don't think I can honestly say that I knew there was a film adaptation of the Marvel comic creature MAN-THING even being talked about (or maybe I just willed myself to forget), never mind that one had already begun production in the land down under! But according to Moviehole, that is exactly the case as Brett Leonard (THE LAWNMOWERMAN, VIRTUOSITY) has stepped behind the lens at Kurnell studios in Sydney to add his own unique thumbprint to the comic genre for Artisan Entertainment. The site has also unfurled that Matthew Le Nevez (GARAGE DAYS), Jack Thompson (STAR WARS EPISODE II), Rachel Taylor, Alex O'Lachlan and Imogen Bailey will be starring in the film, which will shoot into March of next year. Six months to film a MAN-THING movie!?! Yipes! Hopefully Mr. Leonard spent some pre-production time watching SWAMP THING repeatedly and took notes on "what not to do" when making a swamp creature feature! Granted, that film was fun in a campy kind of way, but I somehow doubt that that's what Artisan is looking for with this one.

The movie is said to focus on a real estate tycoon named F.A. Schist (tee hee... clever!) who wants to drain parts of the Everglades to build an airport, which is protested by the local Seminole Indians (who are being pushed out of their historic homelands). As the developer's crewmen delve deeper and deeper into the swamp, one of them shows up dead, leading Schist to blame the tribe. The Seminoles know, however, that there is "something" in the swamp, something that burns those who know fear...

I'll be damned! That actually sounds like it could be pretty good!

Source: Moviehole
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