Alien DVD Invasion

\"\" One of the greatest attributes in the advancement of home entertainment, and more specifically the advent of the DVD, is without a doubt the Special Features. Sure, it\'s super-keen to have that Dolby Digital 5.1 track blasting through strategically placed speakers, or that crisp, digitally transferred widescreen aspect ratio that shows us the movie the way it was meant to be seen, but those Special features... When done right, they give the viewer a glimpse of what goes into various aspects of making a film that most of us simply wouldn\'t get to experience otherwise. Well be prepared to take that experience to a whole new level when the ALIEN Quadrilogy is released this fall. DVD Answers has developed a partial list (that\'s right, this isn\'t everything!) of the extras that will be included on the 5-disc set, and it is... in a word... overwhelming.


  • Bob Burns Alien Collection (16m 52s)
  • Ridley Scott Q&A (15m 38s)
  • Interviews With Ridley Scott (8m 18s)
  • Alien Theatrical Trailer A (1m 07s)
  • The Director\'s Cut Film Trailer
  • Production and Outtake Footage (20m 59s)
  • Experience In Terror: Promo Featurette \'79 (7m 8s)
  • Alien TV Spots (37s)

  • Building Better Worlds: From Concept To Construction Featurette (13m 28s)
  • The Final Countdown: Music, Editing And Sound Featurette (15m 30s)
  • Aliens Unleashed: Reaction To The Film Featurette (11m 38s)
  • Beauty And The Bitch: Power Loader VS Queen Alien Featurette (22m 25s)
  • This Time It\'s War: Pinewood Studios (1985 Featurette) (19m 39s)
  • The Power Of Real Tech: Visual Effects Featurette (27m 49s)
  • Bug Hunt: Creature Design (16m 23s)
  • The Risk Always Lives: Weapons And Action Featurette (15m 12s)
  • Preparing For Battle: Casting and Characterization Featurette (16m 59s)
  • 57 Years Later: Continuing the Story Featurette (10m 59s)
  • Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn Featurette (13m 47s)
  • Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics With Commentary (3m 12s)
  • Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics Without Commentary (3m 14s)
  • Interview With James Cameron (9m 29s)
  • James Cameron Interview/Film Footage (3m 13s)
  • James Cameron Intro to Extended Version (31s)
  • Production Footage (8m 9s)
  • Aliens International Trailer (29s)
  • Aliens Domestic Trailer (32s)
  • Aliens TV Spots (29s)
  • Easteregg: The Boy And His Power Loader (9m 35s)

Alien 3
  • Alien 3 Advance Featurette (2m 47)
  • The Making Of Alien 3 (22m 25s)
  • Alien 3 Trailer A (1m 00s)
  • Alien 3 Trailer B (1m 07s)
  • Alien 3 Trailer C (1m 01s)
  • Alien 3 Trailer D (31s)
  • Alien 3 Trailer E (1m 06s)
  • Alien 3 TV Spots (2m 41s)

Alien Resurrection
  • The Making Of Alien Resurrection (25m 42s)
  • Theatrical Trailer (2m 19s)
  • TV Spots (1m 41s)

Bonus Disc
  • Alien Evolution BBC Documentary (75m)
  • The Alien Legacy Documentary (66m 51s)
  • Alien Quadrilogy Trailer (1m 05s)
  • Alien Legacy Trailer (1m 05s)

Source: DVDAnswers
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