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Bats & Supes update!


After months of steady rumors and speculation on both the BATMAN and SUPERMAN fronts, it appears that we finally have some solid confirmation (via the trades) as to the status of each of these highly anticipated (and highly scrutinized) WB films.

First up, the information that was reported last week regarding the 5th Bats film possibly being titled BATMAN: INTIMIDATION GAME, is indeed true, although it is only considered a working title at this point (as would be most titles this early in the game). From that same article, it has also been confirmed that last week Christopher Nolan and Warners tested the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal (as much as I dig the guy, can anyone really see him as the Dark Knight?), Christian Bale (who would be my personal choice of the lot), Joshua Jackson (I know I'm gonna get stomped for this, but I think the former Creek kid could actually pull it off), Cillian Murphy (28 DAYS LATER aside, his IMDB picture looks like a cross between the kid that plays Superman on Smallville and something from THE DARK CRYSTAL) and Eion Bailey (has the look, but does he have the chops?), and are expected to make a decision - get this - as soon as this week! "Holy Wonder Woman handjob, Batman! That's quick!". The film would likely go into production in early 2004 based on a script by David Goyer.

On to the other major DC/WB collaboration (if you could even call it that anymore). Rumors came about last week that McG was back on director duty for the oft-delayed next SUPERMAN film, and according to Variety, that tale does have some truth to it. Although no deal has been worked out with the CHARLIE'S ANGELS helmer, the studio received a new draft of the script and "he who is the G" is hard at play trying to come up with a budget that would work for all parties involved (I guess a Kevin Smith script with every character from the DC universe involved is out of the question, eh?). If he succeeds in coming up with a workable number, it is anticipated that we could see a late 2005 or early 2006 release. The gullible (or hopelessly optimistic) can commence holding their breath... now!

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Source: Variety
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