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Eli Roth saves Chucky?


In the only kind of story that could make hardened horror fans come down with an embarrassing case of the warm and fuzzies, it appears that the stalled and supposedly dead-in-the-water 5th installment in the Chucky franchise, SEED OF CHUCKY, may go ahead as planned after all thanks to none other than CABIN FEVER director Eli Roth. Whaaaaaat? "Has he come on board to direct?" no. "Is he producing it?" well, no. "So he's starring in it then?" wrong again, I'm afraid. I'll let the man tell you himself, as Roth dropped a line to Harry over at Aint it Cool to let him know about that, and some other great news regarding his production company, Raw Nerve.

I got a very nice phone call from Don Mancini, who said he loved Cabin Fever and said our strong opening helped him get the new Chucky film off the ground. He said between Ronny Yu, Victor Salva, and now Cabin Fever, the financiers have kicked into high gear and he's now in prep. I think it's called "Seed of Chucky." So even people who saw "Cabin Fever" and f*cking hated it should know that their dollars ultimately went to a good cause.

Also, it's official - the first Raw Nerve film will be "2001 Maniacs," directed by Tim Sullivan. We're going to be shooting in a few months, and Robert Englund will star in it. This film as you know was supposed to go last year, but three days before shooting, the financing collapsed. So I brought it to Raw Nerve to rescue it, and we'll be shooting in November. Tim's new draft is awesome, it's going to be a sh*tload of fun, with lots of blood, guts and nudity for the fans to enjoy. I will be on set for all the tit shots, just to make sure they're nice and sweaty!

This guy is just kicking every horror-loving fan's ass with his unabashed, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and his desire to bring everything that is pure and true back to the genre. If you haven't already done so, I suggest you check out The Arrow's interview with Eli Roth. It is one of the best interviews I've read on the site.

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