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Luke & Leia on DVD?


As DVDs gain in popularity, more and more older films are getting a second (or sometimes third) life on the home entertainment market. Just check out our DVD release dates page and compare the number of new to old in any given week, it's astounding. And the more and more that older films get new releases, the more and more frustrated STAR WARS fans seem to get at the fact that Lucasfilm still hasn't announced any plans to bring the beloved original trilogy to the superior quality disc format (despite numerous reports of some fanatics trying to forcibly persuade Lucasfilm execs by actually using The Force). But that just may change come next year, my jedi loving friends. I know, I know... we've heard it all before! But according to The Digital Bits, various reliable sources are pointing to a 4th quarter 2004 release to help usher in the May 2005 release of EPISODE III. You have to admit, that does money written all over it. Lucasfilm is apparently so pleased with the way that THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE DVD MOVIE COLLECTION has turned out (and I'm sure the money from the pre-orders has a little something to do with it too) that they are toying with the idea of using the very same format (3 discs for the films, plus 1 for special features) for a STAR WARS set. Could it be that we will finally see a STAR WARS DVD set next year? Only The Almighty King George of Skywalker Ranch - and maybe a few of his minions - know for sure. We'll keep you posted.

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