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Trade HD for Blu-Ray


If you're one of those chumps (like me) who jumped at the launch of HD-DVD before the "format war" really got underway, you're probably looking at stack of discs for a dead tech.

Warner Bros. is taking a bit of pity on you -- so for a few bucks each, they'll happily exchange your relatively worthless HD movies for Blu-Ray versions. This is obviously limited to the studio's own releases, but  there are a number of quality catalog titles on offer (I already ticked off a half-dozen). Although why anyone would buy FIREWALL on HD is a mystery.

WB has always been one of the leaders in next-gen formats, and this is a mighty generous way to assuage some of the pocket pain of erroneous early adoption. If you've got some HD stiffs to resurrect Blu, check their site RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Once I get it in Blu, I will have owned ROAD WARRIOR in every video format, including Betamax and laserdisc.
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