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We at JoBlo.com, pride ourselves on having a little bit of everything for all kinds of movie fans from around the world on our site, so here's yet another small piece of movie coolness that you will hopefully enjoy as well. As of October 1st, we introduced a new feature to our site called DAILY MOVIE AUDIO QUOTES, which you can access by clicking on the small graphic under the JoBlo logo at the top of our news pages.

The graphic looks like this >>>

At the chime of midnight every evening, the quote will change to something new, so make sure to click on it every day and reminisce. Of course, the name of the film isn't given out so easily, so you can try to guess that at first, then access our QUOTES ARCHIVES, which you can do through the ARCHIVES link at the bottom of every one of these news pages, and see what film it is. We've already got a few doozies in the bag including the ones below. You can also discuss and suggest some of your own personal favorites in the OFFICIAL THREAD, but remember to suggest only those quotes that are currently available as downloads online, otherwise, we obviously cannot add them to the site. Hope you dig.

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