Star Wars DVD News?!

First I want you to take a look at something. Then we\'ll reconvene and I\'ll explain.

That, my friends, is an invitation sent out by LucasFilm sent out earlier this week to distributors and businesses with whom they do frequent business. Someone at memorabilia website Yakface.com got their hands on a copy from a friend of a friend, etc., took a few digital photos and posted it online. Now this isn\'t your typical paper invite. This is a black plaque with a Darth Vader figurine standing perpendicular. Of course speculation began immediately on why LucasFilm would be inviting people to The Presidio (a complex Lucas has recently purchased). The first thought was to talk EPISODE 3 but that film isn\'t scheduled until May of 2005 and that seems a little unlikely. The next thought, which has been confirmed by a number of separate sources, is that George Lucas will take this opportunity to announce the upcoming release of the original STAR WARS trilogy on DVD. That\'s right, the most anticipated DVDs ever will finally be coming to video stores near you. When? It\'s still unclear but it seems very very likely that Lucas will announce exactly when on 11/5/03. Will JoBlo.com be there to report on this exciting news? Ummm, no. It appears press has NOT been invited to this event but we will have all the breaking news for you when, and if, the DVDs are announced by LucasFilm. For more on this story and more shots of the elaborate invitation, check out Yakface.com or The Digital Bits.

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