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Spidey 2 trailer desc.


Sweet sassy molassy! If everything in this guy's report is on the up-and-up, the trailer for SPIDER MAN 2 is going to be balls-to-the-walls, people! Christ, I don't even know how the guy managed to remember it all! He admittedly soiled himself when he saw it, but with my luck, on top of dirtying myself, I probably would have stayed conscious just long enough to see the thing through to the end, at which point I would follow it up with my best Keanu impression (whoa!), then my eyes would roll back in my head and the next thing I know, I would wake up the next day with no recollection the previous day's events, but an unexplained, and very sudden, crush on Alfred Molina (now how weird would that be)! Check out the excerpt below, then click here to read his entire description.

Shot from outside, tentacles (YEAH!!!) moving towards to cafe at a FAST SPEED. walks in Doc Ock, he is floating in air, only the tentacles are moving on the ground. AWESOME!!!! then the Doc, smiles madly at them.

Then we got scenes of spidey battles Doc Ock, Doc Ock using his tentacles throwing (I MEAN THROWING!!!) loads of cars and taxis at the swinging Spidey, loads of expolsion!! as the cars hits buildings near by in the NY streets.

*eyes rolling back in head*

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