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The chainsaw beats the sword 

Renowned film critic Roger Ebert gave the 2003 version of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 0 stars out of a possible 4, because he claimed that the film was "vile, ugly and brutal" and that "filmmakers wanted to cause disgust and hopelessness in the audience." I was just curious if Mr. Ebert knew what TYPE of movie he was going to see when he reviewed this picture. It's a HORROR MOVIE, Roger!! If any film in the world is going to cause "disgusting" feelings, this would be it. It's supposed to be vile, ugly and brutal. Ending his review by saying "There are a lot of good movies playing right now that can make you feel a little happier, smarter, sexier, funnier, more excited...." proves furthermore that he is completely out of touch with what this film was trying to accomplish. As a movie "critic" myself, I think it's important to rate all films according to what they are trying to accomplish, not some personal agenda that we think they should attain.

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is not supposed to make you feel "happy" or "sexy" or "funny", folks...it's supposed to attempt to scare the shite out of you and make you feel F'd up as you watch, and for me, and millions of others around North America this past weekend, it seemed to have done the trick...and then some! TEXAS opened with the 2nd largest box-office take of any October release ever, with $29.5 million in receipts. The only other film to have garnered more dough in the month of October was RED DRAGON, last year, with $36.5 million. Let it be known that Roger Ebert obviously has every right to like/dislike any movie that he wants and to write about it, like anyone else in the free world, but I think that he owes it to the studios and the filmmakers to, at the very least, rate films according to what they are...not what he doesn't want them to be. Tsk, tsk.

The entire box-office was actually pretty strong this week with last week's #1 movie, KILL BILL holding on to the 2nd spot with $12.5 million, while the SCHOOL OF ROCK continued to amaze with another $11.3 added to its totals. Smaller disappointments were found in RUNAWAY JURY and MYSTIC RIVER, which despite getting rave reviews and maintaining impressive casts, only managed to snag $12.1 million and $10.4 million respectively. Next week sees the addition of SCARY MOVIE 3, RADIO and BEYOND BORDERS to the line-up.

 1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre  $  29.1 Million/ New
 2. Kill Bill  $  12.5 Million/ $ 43.3 Million
 3. Runaway Jury  $  12.1 Million/ New
 4. School of Rock  $  11.3 Million/ $ 55.2 Million
 5. Mystic River  $  10.4 Million/ New
 6. Good Boy!  $   9.0 Million/ $ 25.8 Million
 7. Intolerable Cruelty  $   6.9 Million/ $ 23.1 Million
 8. Out of Time  $   4.1 Million/ $ 35.3 Million
 9. Under the Tuscan Sun  $   3.4 Million/ $ 33.7 Million
 10. The Rundown  $   2.8 Million/ $ 44.6 Million


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