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JoBlo.com Presents...The 50 Coolest Movies of All-TimeIf not, what the heck are you waiting for? JOBLO.COM PRESENTS...THE 50 COOLEST MOVIES OF ALL-TIME represents my first published work (other than the stuff I scribble on bathroom walls, of course), and a project of which I am very proud. Inside the book, you will find 50 brand spankin' new reviews (not found on this site) of all my faves including GOODFELLAS, THE CROW, SWINGERS, HEAT, THE LOST BOYS, CLERKS, SCARFACE, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, PULP FICTION, TRAINSPOTTING, EVIL DEAD 2, THE KILLER, MAD MAX, THE PROFESSIONAL, RESERVOIR DOGS and many more, an awesome foreword written by writer/director/dude of all dudes Kevin Smith, plenty of interesting movie facts & trivia, as well as some acknowledgements and background on how "JoBlo.com" came to be.


The book can be purchased at your local bookstores (although you have to ask them to order it for you...just give them the title, etc...) or through any of the famous Amazon sites below. If you're interested in a signed copy of the book, please email me directly and I will provide you with further details.

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca / Amazon.co.uk


The book has received nothing but great response from fans and reviewers alike (read some fan feedback at the bottom of the Amazon.com page), many of which you can see below. If you represent a media publication interested in a review copy of the book, please email me with your info and I will get back to you asap.

"While people like Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin crank out their "Movie Encyclopedia of the Year", encompassing so many movies that no one could ever comprehend, JoBlo has assembled 50 movies that I'd say are worth seeing over and over again." -- DVDAuthority.com

"...reviews are extremely relatable, non-threatening and honest. In each review, he comes across as your average fun-loving movie guy. Hes that guy!" -- Entertainment Today

"The real beauty of this book is the genuine examination of the films. It cleverly avoids the boring details and is brutally honest..." -- Film Magazine

"A good film critic is as hard to find as a really good blowjob. Yes -- ultimately, every blowjob can be considered good enough if it gets the job done. But the really good, rock-out-with-your-cock-out kind of head that makes a guy marry someone. That's shit's rare. As rare as JoBlo."-- Kevin Smith (writer/director)

"...a "must" for movie buffs, whether they dip into the entries here and there, or simply start with page one and read straight on through!" -- Midwest Book Review

"...his writing style is infectiously enthusiastic." -- Montreal Mirror

"...you can tell that JoBlo has an understanding of why movies work beyond just being kinetic or funny. Take that, Roger Ebert.
-- Moviepoopshoot.com

"JoBlo's turn-of-phrase is unique in film criticism: a pride in standing up for what he believes in and a refreshing lack of pretension in sharing his thoughts and enthusiasm on the celluloid world." -- The New York Resident

"...written in a chatty, internet style, and thus, feels very casual. Overall, a fun, quick read." -- RottenTomatoes.com

"This guy is knowledgeable and funny as hell. With film criticism today largely polarized between stuffy cineastes and inarticulate buffoons, JoBlo is indeed a breath of fresh air." -- Rue Morgue


I've also spent some time promoting the book via conventions, magazines, TV shows (yay, my first TV appearance!) and radio shows, including a pretty long sit-down late last year on Montreal's own Team 990. You can listen to that show below-- although make sure to turn your VOLUME UP because I apparently didn't appreciate the fine art of SPEAKING UP that day:

Listen to my radio appearance here (22 MB / .MP3)


We are currently searching for a bigger book publisher to take on our book, so if you represent a company that might be interested in purchasing our contract, please email me directly and let's talk.

Thanks to everyone for their support!!!!

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