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Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!


Iím usually pretty skeptical of movie studio promotional events, but nothing suppresses skepticism like free alcohol. And there was plenty of the stuff flowing last Wednesday at the W Hotel in Westwood, when the folks at Dreamworks gave us a sneak peak at their forthcoming romantic comedy, WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON!Due out early next year, it features Kate Bosworth (the blondie from that surfer-girl empowerment saga, BLUE CRUSH), Topher Grace (the other guy from That Seventies Show) and Josh Duhamel (currently rolling the bones in CBSís Las Vegas).

Itís directed by Robert Luketic, whose feature film debut, LEGALLY BLONDE, did pretty well. All were on hand to talk about the film.Also on hand were hordes of press, producers, agents, publicists, aspiring publicists, people who knew people, and friends of those people.

The W Hotel is pretty damn cool. How cool? Cool enough to charge nine bucks for a gin and tonic. Thatís how much I shelled out for one prior to learning that little tidbit about the free alcohol. Ugh. Normally, I wonít pay nine bucks for a drink unless itís part of a two-drink minimum and includes a free lap dance.

Anyway, back to TAD. After the sun went down and the stars arrived, Dreamworks exec Walter Parkes gave a brief speech introducing the film and the key people involved. Then, an extended trailer (set to a suitably dramatic Peter Gabriel song) played on several flat-screened TVs set up throughout the pool area. From what I could glean from the trailer, hereís the basic plot of WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON:

Small-town sweetheart Rosalee (Bosworth) wins a contest where the grand prize is a date with reigning Hollwyood hearthrob, Tad Hamilton. Tad, played by Duhamel, ends up falling for Bosworthís down-home charms and ventures out to West Virginia to woo her. Thatís when he butts heads with Rosaleeís scrawny pal Pete (played by Grace), setting up a nifty little love triangle.

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After watching the preview, I can tell you without exaggeration that WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! might possibility be the greatest film ever made. I can also tell you, without exaggeration, that I was absolutely hammered. So you might want to take the whole ďgreatest film ever madeĒ thing with a grain of salt. Caveat Emptor.

Judging from the enthusiastic reaction of the other, presumably sober audience members, TAD looks extremely promising. When I chatted with stars Bosworth, Grace and Duhamel, they all shared that sentiment. Bosworth, who admitted to me that the trailer was her first look at the finished film, seemed especially excited.

Though it may initially seem like your run-of-the-mill chick flick, WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! has enough sharpness and wit to appeal to a broader demographic than just pre-teen girls (or those, like me, who possess the alcohol tolerance of pre-teen girls).Itís certainly worth a look when it hits theaters next year.

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