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I'm as sick and tired of remakes, sequels and re-imaginations as the next guy, as well as "zombie movies", which have somehow decided to throw themselves all over the marketplace of late, but that said, the teaser trailer for DAWN OF THE DEAD doesn't look all that bad. My only question is: what the shit is Sarah Polley doing in it? I thought she was "all done" with Hollywood? Hmmmm, guess her bank account wasn't "all done", eh? Considering that the film was shot in Toronto, her Canadian-ness probably helped matters as well. Anyway, enough of my own shit...what other NEW MOVIE TRAILERS were added to the site today? How about a local treat that Miramax decided to pick up and sell all over North America?

Quebec's own Denys Arcand, who won Best Screenplay in Cannes for this film, has come out with THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS' trailer and it's to note that the trailer doesn't feature any dialogue. Why? Because the film is in French and will likely be subtitled, which many peeps don't like. Robert Altman's take on the ballet, THE COMPANY, starring real-life ballerina Neve Campbell, as well as the man who will always be known to me as "Alex" from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a badly cast Malcolm McDowell, also popped up online. Australia's NED KELLY features insight into the legend, as well as the basis of the relationship between star Heath Ledger and co-star Naomi Watts (so that's how they met!)

I also want to offer Paramount a shout-out for coming up with a pretty decent "Exclusive Internet Trailer" for Richard Donner's TIMELINE as well as my two personal favorites of this update, THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, the Ashton Kutcher time-travel flick that seems about as F'd up as my last three dates combined, and ALONG CAME POLLEY, which despite looking a little generic, seems to have all the elements of a great comedy including the man I love to love: Ben Stiller. It also features a couple of funny scenes, two lovely actresses in Debra Messing and Jennifer Aniston's ass, and Alec Baldwin doing a super-great job of playing...ALEC BALDWIN! Check it out.

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